ANNEA is the Fastest Growing Start-Up in Germany

The analysis firm, GlassDollar together with Business Insider has provided month after month insights into the fastest growing start-up scene that are normally reserved for professional investors.  

This time ANNEA has become number one! We already were in the top 15 in the August issue, but in September we aimed higher in this GlassDollar ranking. In second place is the telemedicine start-up Kinderheldin, which offers online consultations and courses by midwives for young parents.  

And in third place is a designs and software development start-up Nordantech, they provide a web based multi-Project management tool for companies. 

How Fastest Growing Start-Ups Are Chosen?

The evaluation is based on 16,000 German companies that, due to their technology-savvy and scalable business model, fall into the start-up grid and are younger than 20 years. GlassDollar assesses growth by size and the buzz around the company. In addition, website hits and the number of followers in social media are also included in the index value.

Here is a list of start-ups that made it into the top 12 fastest growing start-ups in Germany for September:

Figure reference: Germany’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Startups” published by GlassDollar. View the full table here.

This is a summary of the Business Insider Deutschland Article: “Ranking: Das sind die Top 100 der am schnellsten wachsenden Startups im September”. View the article online.

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